Monday, July 06, 2009

New laptop!

A quick old Dell is still being worked on by a friend. Not sure when or if it will ever be functional again. We went to the Apple store on Sunday and bought a brand-spankin'-new MacBook Pro. It is very nice but will take some time to get used to.

The 4th of July was fun. Had some friends over and went to see the fireworks at night. Didn't get home until about 11pm and kids slept in very late Sunday morning! We spent most of the afternoon at the mall: Apple store, Sanrio (Hello Kitty) store, and Barnes & Noble bookstore. The play area at MacArthur Center mall is very nice so the kids were happy to play there for about a half hour also.

We are in the process of moving Delaney into the room over our garage. It gets very nice sun during the morning and I think she will like to finally have her own room. I'm hoping to put my IKEA chair up there so I can steal some time there during the day when everyone is in school (in the fall)!

Some photos:

The twins in the pool...

The garden


Some Border Leicester I spun during the winter

I finished this sweater for Delaney last night at midnight. She picked the yarn and really likes the way the sweater turned out.

Everyone pitched in to scrape paint in Delaney's new bedroom


Aunt Sue said...

A Mac!?! You got a Mac!?! Guess you can't laugh at my Mac anymore!

If Delaney is moving into the FROG, where am I going to sleep when I come to visit? The top of the bunkbed?

Shannon said...

Yes, we got a Mac. A lot of people recommended it to us and the fact that they get fewer viruses just seems worth it. Still learning mine...maybe you can teach me when you come to visit!

The top bunk is going upstairs, so you can sleep in Delaney's bed...she will sleep on the floor in Tinna's room. No biggie. You will just have to accept being surrounded by peace signs (her theme) and probably Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers. At least they are kind of cute!

FrkSnupp said...

Thanks so much for the gorgeous box! And how lovely your garden is becoming, I´m anxious to get the mimosa seeds into growth. Lucky you with that Macbook PRO! I´m a little envious. You´ll love it when you get the hang of it.