Sunday, June 07, 2009

Down and out...

Somehow I got a virus on my laptop (thanks for that "protection", McAfee!) that we cannot seem to resolve. Steven is working on it but we aren't sure how long it will be until I'm back up and running again. So here's the brief update of last week without photos.

William had his school physical and immunizations on Tuesday. No tears in the least, he was brave and did great! Steve was off work Friday and our new pool was supposed to be installed but due to rain, it wasn't done until yesterday. Early Friday evening we took the trailer down to the dealer because we still had problems with the C02 monitor when we camped over Memorial Day week-end. After dropping the trailer, we stopped at "Spice of India" a new-ish Indian restaurant in the Greenbrier Mall area. YUMMMY! I had lunch from there a few weeks ago and knew Steven would love it. The kids even enjoyed the meal out since they have chicken nuggets on the menu! Saturday, the pool was installed. I have a lot of photos of that and will post them as soon as I can. Today, we are trying to straighten out the 5 foot pile of dirt that was left in our yard. Later tonight we are actually having a night out without children and going to see "Celtic Woman". Looking forward to that!

Tinna has her physical on Tuesday and Delaney's last day of school is Thursday. While this is the beginning of true summer break, I am ready for week the twinkies will be in Kindercamp for a week, then Delaney will have day camp for two weeks! It means getting up and out of the house and a bit of a more normal schedule for everyone. Tinna has been struggling emotionally with not being in school or around her friends. Summers are definitely going to be a difficult time for her. I'm hoping, too, that this new pool will be a good distraction once we can start swimming in it.

I'll update you again when I can but I don't think it will be very often now that I am dependent on Steve's work laptop. Bah. =( Viruses SUCK.


Rose said...

Hope you're up again soon! My cousin linked to this from her blog, and I thought of you:


Harpa J said...

I hope you get rid of that virus soon!

Here it the cake recipe you asked for :

Shannon said...

Rose: I'm around, honestly haven't felt much like blogging this summer!

Harpa: Takk fyrir!!!