Monday, June 01, 2009


It's been almost an entire week since I last updated the blog. Facebook takes up most of my online if you truly want to know what's up with me, check there first! The week has flown by, lots has happened...

The kids all had their final music lessons of the school year. Delaney had her final Brownie meeting last Wednesday night and is now being enrolled in a new troop. Tinna started Daisy Scouts Wednesday night. We went strawberry picking Saturday morning, bought a 15'x26' above ground pool (being installed this Friday), Delaney had a piano recital Saturday afternoon. I canned strawberry jam Sunday morning, we attended a birthday party Sunday afternoon, and I canned MORE strawberry jam Sunday evening. (To date, I have 18 8-oz jars of strawberry jam and 6 8-oz jars of cherry jam. Soon I'll be getting raspberries from Trish, and then I'll have a day or two where I'm canning up them!) Busy, busy, busy.

I had planned to clean out the girls' room today but tummy troubles got the best of me at 3:45 this morning, so I've been sitting around most of the day. I did make it out to enjoy the beautiful, breezy, cool day...I sat in my chair and knitted while the kids played. I trimmed a few weeds and deadheaded one of my rose bushes because it is getting ready to bloom again. It is such an incredible bush. The rest of the garden is going nuts and looking completely out of control. The corn is over 6 feet tall, with tassels, and little corn cobs forming. Little cucumbers are forming. We are finally getting some flowers on one or two of the tomato plants. The lettuce is about done due to the heat.

Below are a few photos for you. If I get time later, I will upload the video of Delaney playing at her recital. She played "America the Beautiful" and "Alouette". If you are on Facebook, I already have it uploaded there.

Delaney and Tinna at the new Girl Scout meeting. This was Tinna's first night with the new troop. Delaney will be joining them for the next meeting. This troop has both Daisies and Brownies in it and meets at the primary school so I will not have to spend my entire evening running all over town.

William picking strawberries

Kids posing with their berries

See Delaney making a heart with her hands?

Delaney at her recital, just after she performed.


Rose said...

Tummy trouble? Too many fresh strawberries, maybe? (guessing from experience, mine of course)

Debbie B said...

So when will Will be starting Cub Scouts?