Tuesday, May 26, 2009

VARF week-end wrap-up

A wonderful week-end was had by all in Fredericksburg. We drove up Friday evening, set up camp, had a small fire (large enough to roast marshmallows), kids went to bed very late. Saturday was RenFaire day (VARF - VA RenFaire). It was hot, close to 90F, but we stayed at the faire until closing time (5pm)! As we walked into the faire and saw how small it was, we thought "There is no way we will be here more than 2 or 3 hours"...but our friends Judy & Michael and their kids met us there and there were a TON of children's activities...so we stayed until close and then went up to Lake Anna Winery to hang out after! It was great to see Judy and Michael...they left Iceland in June 2003 and we hadn't seen them since that time, although we have kept in touch via phone and email. It was wonderful to hang out with them for a few hours.

Sunday was supposed to be a trip into DC to see the monuments. Being a group of mostly females, we changed our minds, and stayed at camp, opting for a day of fishing, swimming, and cooking Mountain Pies on the campfire instead of walking around city streets with aching feet. That was the best decision we could have made. Delaney caught not just one, but TWO fish. The kids were allowed to walk alone to the playground where they played with some new-found friends. Steven and I had some time to relax. The Fredericksburg KOA is the best KOA we've stayed at to date.

Back to school for Delaney today. Back to reality for the rest of us. I have mountains and mountains of laundry to tackle. Guess I should get started! I'll leave you with one or two photos and the link to the complete set on Flickr.

Making mountain pies...

Steven and William fishing together

Delaney's first catch...ever!

Learning about leather stamping

William took an archery lesson and really enjoyed it.

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