Friday, May 08, 2009

Lucky girl!

Tinna found a four-leaf clover in the backyard tonight. What a lucky girl! Can you see her Irish eyes smiling?

I stopped by Norfolk County Feed & Seed to get some advice on my gardenia bush (it's yellow and dropping leaves) and something to treat the flea beetles that are attacking my eggplants and tomatoes. I came home with a few more plants for the garden and a little surprise for the kids. After school, we hit Wendy's for dinner (lazy mom syndrome) and then I had our babysitter come so I could go out to Mary's farm and spin for awhile. That was so nice and relaxing! I was able to start plying my singles and might possibly have a new yarn to show you by the end of next week. Of course Mary's studio is always loaded with pretty bits of fiber so I came home with some beautiful purple merino to add to the stash. I wonder what happened to that fiber diet I was supposed to be on???

My Josy shawl is coming along so well. The yarn Anne Lise sent me from Norway is just perfect for the pattern. The colours are gorgeous and the yarn itself is very light in weight but with the mohair, it will be nice and warm for chilly days. I'm excited to see the way this shawl is progressing.

Today's photos:

Some new plants for in the garden

The surprise for the kids! Sooo cute!

Raspberries on the vine...I cannot wait to taste these!

A few of Mary's sheep in the pasture

Mary's granddaughter's painted Louet wheel

One of Mary's many wheels

Shorty relaxing at Kelly's wheel

The Josy shawl is progressing nicely

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Laura said...

The Josy shawl is magnificent!