Tuesday, May 05, 2009


I finished up my Jaywalker socks about 20 minutes ago. The pattern was quite simple (suprisingly!) and I enjoyed making them. There are a number of errors in the socks...mainly one is longer than the other and the stripes do not work out the same. I think they will look ok with jeans. The yarn is Austerman Step with Aloe and feels very luxurious on my feet. I want to make this pattern again but doing it two-at-a-time with magic loop instead of the traditional 4/5 needle for in the round.

So...here are my completed Jaywalkers!

Up next: lots of spinning. I finally have two bobbins of natural coloured singles to ply. I might start that tonight or I might just take the night off. I like to ply in the day when there is lots of light and I'm not so tired...but we'll see how I feel after kids are in bed. I also have the baby dress to finish. All it needs is I-cord buttonholes. Can that be THAT hard? I've been procrastinating it for about 3 weeks now because I've never made I-cord before. Do you know what the "I" in I-cord stands for? It stands for "Idiot". Because any idiot can make I-cord. We'll see. I'm sure I can dork it up! After the baby dress is finished I'm planning on starting the Josie shawl and a pair of socks for my BFF. I have the yarn picked out and I think she'll like it...but all will remain top-secret until they are done and delivered.


sue said...

Ah, c'mon....you know how stuff like that kills me! Christmas presents never make it to Christmas. :)

Shannon said...

Wow. You are awfully confident that they are for you! ;-) I never said in my post that they are for Xmas. Hmmm. But maybe I will make that BFF wait until then. Only time will tell, cause I sure won't! hahahaha!

sue said...

Fine....be that way. :P

I was using Christmas as an example.....it could be birthday, special occasion...you know I have no willpower when it comes to gifts! And that includes gifts that I give as well as receive. Didn't I make you open the ABBA DVDs while standing in the parking lot of that park in Richmond?