Monday, May 04, 2009

Wool diet!

It's now time for some serious stash-busting. Saturday was MD Sheep & Wool...I did manage to control myself, for the most part. I came home with three rovings and one skein of yarn for myself. The day was a bit wet, on the cool side (no complaints from me...I'll take 60s/70s over 90 any day!). I went to the fest alone but was able to see a few of my friends there. I think I like the fest more for the music than for the yarn. I would say I spent at least 60% of my time sitting and knitting and just watching the stage. I saw The Martin Family Band play...awesome, just like last year. I'm really looking forward to their new CD. I was able to catch Maggie Sansone's performance before I left. AND I discovered a new group called the "Speakeasy Boys" out of Shepherdstown, WV. I'm listening to their CD as I write this.

The Speakeasy Boys

The Martin Family Band, missing Lydia...she came a little late.

We arrived back home yesterday to the normal heat and humidity of VA. My rose bush, which had two full blooms on it on Friday, looked like this...

beautiful and the scent is heavenly!

My purchases from S&W...

This is a surprise gift for my friend Trish...Creatively Dyed Yarn in "Leaf"

"Party in a Bag"...wool with glitz to spin! I looked at this 3 times before I bought it.

"Gale's Art" merino top in "Crayon Box" colourway. I saw some of this already spun up and it was super soft and squishy. I can already foresee lots of spinning time in my near future!

Creatively Dyed Yarn in "Shuffle" - to make socks for my girls.

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