Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We now bring you the ickies

We've managed to catch some crud here. I woke up around 1:15 this morning feeling sick to my stomach. The rest of the night was full of bad dreams and spent tossing and turning. I managed to get it together enough to get the kids to school and go get some groceries. Dropped by the NEX where I saw a fire bowl for in the backyard. Happy early Mother's Day to me! Photo of it below. While I was waiting for the man to help me load it in the car, my cell phone rang and it was Delaney's school nurse. Delaney was in her office with a bright red sore throat and fever. So, I went and collected her at school, came home, unloaded groceries, etc. then we picked up the twinkies at noon. When we got home, Tinna said she did not feel well. I took her temperature and she also had a low-grade fever. Sheesh!!! The rest of the afternoon was spent watching tv (Tinna and I watched old episodes of CBeebies' "Balamory"), playing Wii (Will & Delaney), and napping (me). Everyone was in bed early tonight and I plan to do the same. Sorry I haven't had blogged much...until today we've been spending all of our time outdoors because the weather has been just beautiful.

Lots of photos from my garden:



Flower garden

Unsure of this...Auntie Lori says Dianthus

Again, not sure of what it is but it is pretty!


Rose bush

Clematis is taller than me in just two weeks!

Kids blowing bubbles

Another view of the flower garden


Kids swinging on one swing!

Fire bowl

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sue said...

Glad you waited until after Florida to get the ickies!