Monday, April 20, 2009

New project

I got these chairs off my neighbor last night. He had put them out for bulk trash and I noticed them as I walked by with the dog and kids. Lots of life left in them, they are very heavy so I want to scrape them down, sand them a little, and or white...I haven't decided yet. I'm not sure if my yard is ready for 2 big RED chairs. I might chicken out and go with white.

I was supposed to get lots of housework finished this morning. The kids are finally back to school after their spring break. So far I haven't accomplished much except putting away laundry and taking the dog for a little walk. I just had to get him out for a little exercise...the boy weighs 88 pounds (he used to be 65 in his prime!) and deserves a bit of extra attention these days. It's also very cloudy here today and the forecast is strong to severe thunderstorm activity this afternoon. Guess I'll have public radio turned on so I can be warned if there are any tornadoes in the area! Our temps are in the 70s right now. It is supposed to be in the 80s by Friday. If it is nice this week-end, maybe we'll have a few hours at the beach.

Also a photo of my Jaywalker sock. Two major flaws in it...don't know if you can tell from the photo. There is a big gap where I started the gusset, I can fix that with a bit of spare yarn at the end. Then there is a little zig zag down one of the seams where I miscounted or dropped a stitch or something. As soon as I put it on my foot, Steven said "What happened there?" Grrrr. I'm further along than this photo shows...that was taken in Georgia, I believe. I started shaping for the toe area last night so tonight it should be all about learning Kitchener Stitch. Looks pretty easy from the Knitting Help video I watched.

TTFN! There's work to be done!

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