Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pictures for Sue

Still a bit sick here...girls are running very low fevers. We saw the doctor today and Delaney does NOT have strep. Yay!!! So, once these fevers break we can get on with our regular lives. There is still hope for the week-end.

Bored out of their minds this afternoon so I put on the ABBA DVD. They watched it no less than 5 times on the way to and from FL...and Mamma Mia! at least 2 times that I remember. They are WILD for ABBA. Love my kids! are the photos of William playing sax and guitar. The girls were sitting on the floor playing "drums", which I really hate but I allowed it for a little while since it's a sick day.

Blowin' on the "sax"

In the next song, the sword becomes a guitar!

Slam on that guitar, buddy!

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