Thursday, April 09, 2009


Happy Easter and Passover to everyone! Since next week is spring break in our school district, we decided to take the kids and the new camper to Disney World for a few days. Everyone is very excited and I've been running around like crazy trying to get everything ready.

Delaney had a Brownie awards ceremony last night so I have a few photos from that below along with pictures of the kids opening Easter eggs from my friend Anne Lise in Norway. They are beautiful paper eggs filled with chocolate and candies. She sends these to the children every year and it is becoming a nice tradition!

Also a picture of my latest knitting project...Jaywalker socks in Austerman Step yarn #21. These are a very fun knit and I love seeing the stripes come into the knitting. In this photo you can only see the beginning and none of the stripes. Hopefully I will get a new photo shortly. I must admit I am looking forward to sitting in the car and knitting for many hours over the next few days. Maybe I will even have these socks completed when I return from the trip!


Rose said...

Happy vacation! And thanks for the birthday wishes, Shannon. What a lovely knit project for the car. Delaney certainly is self-possessed, isn't she. Great kid pics, as always. I'll be thinking of you in sunny Florida...have a FANTASTIC time!

dmitchem said...

Shannon - although I have been busy with "life" *LOL* I really enjoy reading your Blog! I miss seeing you guys on a regular basis. My sister just bought a new Winnebego (for golfing trips) but we are planning to take it to Disney next year. We usually fly so this will be a first for us. Let me know how long it takes you to drive. Will you be staying at the camp ground on the Disney property? HOPE YOU GUYS HAVE A GREAT TIME - HAPPY EASTER!