Saturday, April 11, 2009

The quick, dirty blog post

Well, we arrived in Yemassee, SC to the Point South KOA Kampground last night around 7. A little later than I wanted. We quickly set up "camp" and kids had fun playing frisbee while waiting for food and fire. I boiled up some hot dogs, Steven got the fire going and the kids were able to roast a few marshmallows before going to bed, sometime around 9 or so.

They didn't sleep well. We didn't sleep well. Beds in the camper are comfortable enough, I was worried about that but all was well there. We noticed last week that when the trailer is all plugged in and turned on, the CO2 monitor goes off periodically...even though there is no propane being burned! It started going off around midnight, then again at 2, then again every 45 minutes after that until Steven decided to disconnect it. There was nothing else to do when being faced with 4 more nights of it. We'll be placing a call to the RV store later this morning once we are on the road. I'm not sure if they will be open this week-end since it is Easter. Also discovered the outside shower had a crack down the handle and water sprays out there!

Oh, yeah, and I forgot about the thunderstorm that rolled through around 3am. Our "neighbors" were up and out of here around 6. Kids were up at 7, even though they were up half the night kicking and pushing each other and fighting for their spots in their bed.

We are having breakfast and coffee now. I don't have any of yesterday's pictures uploaded, maybe tonight once we are to Disney. We had a pretty uneventful ride...only saw one accident and that was in Suffolk! Steven was able to get one cache on the way...seems like there are more northbound.

I'll do my best to update later if I can. Am hoping Disney's WiFi is a bit faster than this one!

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