Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photos on Flickr!

We are finally home from Florida. The trip was great. Time at Magic Kingdom went too quickly, we missed seeing Tinkerbell flying during the fireworks (too windy), and we didn't get to ride Space Mountain. BUT, we DID have fun with Sue, AND we got to see inside Space Mountain with the lights ON! Soooo cool! The ride is very compact and our photos don't do it justice but it was incredible to be able to see it. (the lights are off when the ride is running so you feel like you are flying through outer space)

We haven't even unpacked everything yet. I'll be doing laundry for the next few days. Tomorrow we have to take the trailer to the dealer to have a few problems fixed. All in all, this was a GREAT first camping experience and I cannot wait to start camping on a regular basis.

Here are the photos Steve and I took. I still have a few more on the camera and we haven't even uploaded the few hundred Delaney took with her camera while she was there, so I'll probably have even more in a few days.

So long for now. I'm heading to bed to (hopefully) get some (good) sleep in my real bed!!!

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