Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hunter's Run

Everyone was well enough to go to school yesterday. Tinna didn't miss her field trip to Hunter's Run stables afterall. It was a nice trip for the kids. They were able to go into a stall and see where the horses sleep, they learned a little bit about grooming horses, and they even had a short ride. The day was lovely...close to 80F and clear blue skies.

After the field trip, we made a stop by Norfolk County Feed & Seed. I cannot say enough nice things about this store. It is locally owned, not a big chain. Prices on the plants are more than fair. I paid $1.18 for 3 tomato plants, and honestly, most plants in there are under $5 unless they are large. I picked up 9 tomato plants (3 varieties: Brandywine, Early Girl, and Juliet), 3 eggplants, 10 small plants for in the fairy garden (such as lobelia), a rather large bleeding heart plant, AND a small gazing ball for in the big flower garden...all for $26! The store was busy on such a nice day and William and Tinna did a very good job of not touching everything!

Photos of the stable visit are on Flickr. Here's the link.

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