Monday, April 27, 2009

Long week-end

Too hot hit 95 on Saturday. Absolutely miserable. We went out to my friend Robyn's for a cook-out. Kids had a great time playing together and the adults actually enjoyed beer and conversation without too many interruptions!

Yesterday Trish came over with her kids...more adult beverages (Summer Sangria), lunch, then we took everybody swimming at the Y. Fun day, but again, too hot.

Twinkies had a Tea Party at school today. Photos below...and a few photos of things in the garden...some seeds are sprouting but I'm not sure if they are the Santa Barbara Daisy or the Sensitive plants! I neglected to mark the pots, so we shall have to watch and wait! Excitement abounds in our garden!

William in his hat

William escorting Laney to her seat

Zach escorting Tinna to her seat

Finishing up their "tea" (pink lemonade) and cookies

Will and Laney - he is starting to get silly

Laney, Will, and Zach - by this point no one can behave any longer!

Unknown flower in the fairy garden

Montego Yellow snapdragon - planted last year!



Bleeding hearts

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Rose said...

Shannon, your beautiful flowers made me wonder if you might consider a rain barrel? Do you have gutters on your house? I bet you do a lot of watering...