Saturday, March 14, 2009

Thrifty finds...

I was able to get out yesterday with my friend Kathy. She grew up in this area and knows all of the good antique places to go to. We made a quick stop by "Thrift Store City" and then on to Deep Creek to "Granma Had One". Granma Had One is just one of four little houses jam packed with goodies. We only made it to that one before I had to get back to the Y to pick up the twinkies. Will definitely be going back now that I know how to get there!

Here's what I found...

A quiche dish with pretty little flowers

Flower "frogs" of various sizes and prices

A stair basket...signed by the artist...$1.98!

Nurenberg Lebkuchen tin - beautiful condition, no rust, .48

Bodum tea press - new - retails on the Bodum site for $35...I paid $3.98!

Some unique cookie cutters that I don't have in my collection

Here are better photos of the "Red" project. "Red" was/is a pair of heart-motif fingerless mitts for my Auntie Lori, who collects hearts of all sorts. Hope you like them, Lori! They were made with love. Awww!

It was a very busy week...I didn't spend but one morning here at home. On Wednesday, I went over to Ashley's to hang out with other Yarn 'Ho's. Some knitted, some crocheted...I spun a little bit because I really need to start doing that more frequently. Below are a few photos from that morning.

This is Ash winding some yarn into yarn cakes...

This is a little yarn display she had on her coffee table. It looked very pretty in the sun. What a great idea!

One other thing I did this week was rake up all of the fall and winter debris in the backyard. I cannot believe the difference it makes to be all cleaned up! I moved all mushrooms and fairies from the front yard to this little area in the back. When the temperatures are consistently warmer, I will add some plants here. Right now it is just dry and dirty. It does receive full sun so it is kind of a tricky area to plant well.


Peg Graham said...

Hey woman...I need to go Thrifting with YOU!!! I love to thrift shop and find some good deals too. Love what you found...awesome! you have the info for the Spinner classes in Suffolk? Virginia (VAPurl from our group) also wants the info.

thanks and smooches-Peg

Shannon said...

Have you been to Thrift Store City? It's at the corner of George Washington Hwy and Victory in Portsmouth...that is where I found most of the stuff I put on the blog. I also go to CHKD on Western Branch Blvd quite frequently. Those are my two favourite places!

I sent you the spinning info on FB...