Monday, March 16, 2009

Steeler Nation

It's been a rainy few days here. I finished up the blue BSJ and noticed some little brownish-yellow coloured spots on it. Bah! I never have it close to my drinks so I don't know where those spots came from! At any rate, I gave it a shot of OxyClean and that didn't help so I pulled out the bleach pen...I *think* I removed all of the spots without causing any damage...I gave it a good soak in Woolite and now it is drying upstairs. It should be done tomorrow and (hopefully) I'll take it outside in the light (sun?) to see what it looks like. Fingers crossed! After all of that, I didn't feel like knitting last night. I have two projects sitting here waiting to be started. One, a matching hat, using left-over blue yarn. Not sure if I want to even use it now that I know there are spots on it! I'm thinking to just chuck it. The other project is a little dress for another to-be baby. Cute pattern but I'm feeling overwhelmed with starting it. Mostly because I've never made it before and don't really know what to expect once I start it. Tonight, the spinning wheel is staring at me. I unpacked it and brought it out to the couch, thinking maybe I'll give it workout while I watch "Breakfast At Tiffany's" (which I've never seen)...but now I'm not sure. Tonight I feel like...knitting!

I took the kids swimming at the YMCA yesterday afternoon to pass some time. They had fun, although my hands and arms ache today from catching them and pushing them back the wall. It was crowded but I'm glad we went there rather than MacMall like I was thinking. I heard (read on FB) that the mall playzone was PACKED yesterday. Guess all the mom's in Hampton Roads were thinking the same thing after all the rain we've had!

Oh! So, after all of that with the spotted yarn, I decided to bring out my cutting mat and rotary cutter last night and make my Steeler's blanket. It's done and ready to be my most favourite blanket in the whole world!

Tinna has commandeered William's cowboy boots. Poor boy. Nothing is sacred in this house.

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