Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look, Ma!

No cavities! All 3 kids had their first dentist appointment today. Our new dentist is GREAT! The kids had fun and Tinna was even sad to learn she could not go back again tomorrow. I am very happy.

After the dentist it was business as normal. I took Delaney back to school and the twinkies went with me to get groceries. Then we got home and they played outside, I put things away and knitted for awhile. It never did rain today but I think we should get something in the next day or two. I'm going to Ashley's for knit group tomorrow...I plan to take my spinning wheel and try to get some spinning done. I'm about 2/3 of the way finished with my latest BSJ (baby sweater). Then only one more to go!

That's it from here for today. I'm off to watch "A Room With A View". I've seen it at least ten times but at some point in the past year I bought the "Special Edition" DVD and I'm looking forward to seeing the extras on it. Ciao!

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ptown hokie said...

Where did you go for dentist? I haven't taken the kiddles yet. I'm too nervous! Bad mommy!