Monday, March 09, 2009

Sunshine on my shoulders...

Makes me happy! We spent the entire day outside doing yardwork yesterday! 80F, sunny, light breeze. Perfect day. Another perfect one is forecasted for today also. Tomorrow it will be 50F and rainy. I'll take the sunshine for today...and the rain tomorrow will be perfect since we added a few things to the garden.

We did our part to stimulate the economy yesterday. Bought a table and chairs for the yard. Now we can have lots of meals outside (until the mosquitoes start to attack)...

Steven put up a new swing in the yard. I predict this will not last long. As the kids grow and get the hang of using this type of swing, they will begin to kick the fence...and I will not be happy about that. But for now, it's ok.

We planted two varieties of lettuce...romaine and red...and that's the garlic coming up in the front. In another month or two, this bed will also have beans and tomatoes.

Steven added a trellis for the raspberry bushes to grow on. We relocated both bushes to the same end of the bed and put in a few strawberry plants just to see what happens.

5 lavender plants have been relocated from the veggie garden area into the flower garden.

We relocated the butterfly bush and weigela to behind the bench in the front yard. Also added a forsythia and some creeping flox that will hopefully begin to cover the ground there.

This "trash" is something I picked up along the road during a geocache outing. The plan is to paint it so it looks like a mushroom. I'll post more of that when I get it done. I bought the paint yesterday. I have a number of different mushrooms in my front yard that I will be relocating to this backyard addition to some plants when the weather is consistently warmer.

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