Sunday, March 29, 2009


Surprise! We had an unexpected sunny day yesterday. It was warm...I was able to garden in a tank, more sun on my shoulders to get me ready for the FL trip in a few weeks. Yay!

We made a trip to Home Depot to return a few things and get wood and soil for a new garden bed. I'm very excited about our "Victory" garden this year...we are already eating lettuce from it...even the kids will taste the lettuce as they play in the yard and say how good it tastes. A first for Delaney, that's for sure. She would never even put lettuce in her mouth before. I told her that everything grown in one's own garden tastes better!

Here are some photos from yesterday...

Kids trying to ride their bikes in the yard...Daddy broke down and took them for a real ride around the neighborhood.

New gardening shoes!

The fairy/mushroom garden...I added Firewitch Dianthus...

Another view of the same I put in Autumn Sedum and a second Firewitch Dianthus.

Steven building the new veggie bed


and filled! We put the corn in one end yesterday. Now, just to wait for beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers to be available at the nurseries!

3 Peony plants and some Cosmos went in here...this is the kitchen wall...I'm not convinced the peonies will grow. The root stocks seemed pretty dry and hard in the package. Maybe water revives them?

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