Monday, March 30, 2009

Egg hunt!

We went on an egg hunt yesterday. It was at the Botanical Gardens in Norfolk and sponsored by Steven's ship. Not a big turnout but big enough that the kids had fun. The Easter Bunny made an appearance, too. The poor guy in the costume must have been dying as it was about 80F!

I got a nice treat in the mail today. Seed packets from Swallowtail Garden in CA. I found them online and they carry the Santa Barbara Daisy (Daisy Fleabane from a post I made last year) that I've been searching for for over a year! I ordered the Santa Barbara Daisy seeds, Been Balm, Moon Vine, and Sensitive Plant. I have fond memories of this plant which my neighbor used to grow each summer in her yard. When you touch it, the leaves fold closed. It is very fun for children so I am looking forward to growing it for my kids.

Delaney and Tinna by the water

William and Tinna by the water

Sitting with the Bunny

Delaney - doesn't she look happy?

Tinna putting in her can see the water level is very high from all of the rain we've had!

William touching the water

Delaney always has to put her feet in...

Group shot

William walking around

This one is blurry but we ended our day by grilling hot dogs and chicken and sitting in the yard at our new table!

Seed packets! I'm very excited about these.

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Anonymous said...

If you want to see some cool kits to grow the sensitive plant..go to
It is a plant kids never forget.
Good choice!