Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sad news

My camera has died. It wasn't a horrible, painful just sort of faded away. It will still turn on, just won't take a picture! I was able to download the last photos, but I don't know how long it will be until I get a new camera...I'll have to make due with the old digital Polaroid (which is decent, don't be fooled by the name) for awhile. Maybe I'll make a break from the Sony Cybershot and look for a nice professional digital camera. They are a bit bigger in size but I'd really like to be able to take better quality pictures for the blog.

Busy few days here. Steve's dad was in town Saturday through today. Steven got back from his latest deployment (a short run) Monday afternoon. We went out to dinner that night at the Ships Cabin. Beautiful place, right on the bay. Cannot wait to go back in the summertime! Tuesday afternoon, the Twinkies had a birthday party at City Park and then my dad and Kathy came down from PA for a quick visit. They left today, also.

Tomorrow is back to normal! I will try to do some grocery shopping and laundry and general straightening around the house. It's raining today and I expect the week-end to be rainy as well. I put some new plants in the garden yesterday (sweet white onions, chives, autumn sedum and two other plants that I cannot remember the name of went in the mushroom garden, a heather at the mailbox, a bunch of daffodils and tulips that I bought at WalMart for $1 each) so the rain is perfectly timed. I bought some silver queen corn but I think we will be building one more box in the yard and I want to put the corn in that...maybe we will get enough of a break in between rain storms this week-end to get it done.

Here are the photos...

Ships Cabin, the front of the restaurant

The view from our seats! Killer! (click to enlarge this one - beautiful!)

William holding up a shell

See Delaney? She's heading to the water! Brrrr!

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