Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy #7, Delaney!

Delaney is 7 today. Hard to believe, she is growing up so fast. What a joy she has been in my life! Happy Birthday, little one.

So, to wrap up the past few days...the Twinkies had a field trip to the Children's Museum on Friday. We've been there before, so not too much to report about that. Most of my day after the field trip was spent cleaning the house. I can report that it looked nice for the week-end and so far, it STILL looks pretty good! Maybe I can keep it this way now? Old habits die hard, but I'm going to try!

Yesterday I had a little party for the kids. I called it a play date and told guests that gifts were not was just cake and ice cream to celebrate everyone's birthday. A few guests brought gifts anyway and my kids were thrilled. I think most people had a good time. There was one incident with William and another little boy fighting over the swing...William got mad and threw it at the boy...he (the boy) ended up with a big goose egg on his head and Will got his butt smacked and had to go to his room. Sheesh! Why is it always my kids who act up at the most inappropriate times?

Today we had a quiet day at home with Grandpa NY. The kids got to ride their Big Wheels around the neighborhood for a little while, Delaney opened her gifts, and I did laundry.

Here are a few photos. The rest will be on Flickr shortly.

William driving the fire truck

Sliding with his friend Laney

Blowing bubbles with Tinna

Watching the trains

Riding a motorcycle with Tinna

Putting the candles on the cake (it was a butterfly design)

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Blowing out the candles

Her big gift...a very nice PINK camera! She also got a few Nancy Drew mysteries, and a Taylor Swift CD. Lucky little girl!

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