Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today was busy...I spent the morning cleaning up the house, trying to get ready for the company that will be coming (Steve's dad this week-end and also a playdate/birthday party for the kids on Saturday afternoon). I cannot say I succeeded. The time went by too fast, the sun was too sunny, and the day was too warm. I was highly distracted. I did manage to tidy the playroom and a few other areas of the house, but for the most part, my house is still a mess! Tomorrow morning (Fri) I must go on a field trip with the twinkies to the children's museum and then spend the afternoon running around here trying to get everything put away in it's place and get the dusting done, too. I hope my coffee is extra strong in the morning!

Delaney had a little performance at school tonight. They sang patriotic songs and waved flags...very cute. You can see Delaney in this photo to the left of the man's hand (thank you, man, for ruining my photo!).

This is Tinna, who has been obsessed with the paint pens her Grandmother sent to her from Texas!

She seriously cannot stop painting with them...she goes straight to the table when she wakes up in the morning...

My latest treat came in the mail today. I found this book on last week. It cost me less than $10 but some copies are selling for as much as $60. I almost felt like I was stealing this when I placed my was the cheapest copy available...but I am very much in love with it already. The front of the cover says "Myths and Legends of Mankind". Printed in 1934, it contains sagas, Beowulf, The Nibelungenlied, and many other stories from the northern parts of Europe.

A view of the inside...

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Rose said...

what a find, you smart shopper, you!