Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week-end wrap up

And thank goodness the busy part of it is OVER!!! This past week was crazy with activities. In addition to our regular schedule of piano lessons, Brownie's, and Kindermusik, we had Math & Science night at Delaney's school and a Girl Scout Awards and Re-dedication ceremony to attend. Saturday we had a cookie booth from 11-2 and then Delaney went to a birthday party from 2-5. Phew! Today, is jammie day. My plan is to get dressed, walk the dog, tidy the house just a little (it's not THAT messy since we haven't been home much this week!), and later our friends will come over for dinner. I'm hoping to fit in a bit of knitting here and there.

Thursday I spent the entire day working in the yard. I relocated some daffodils to this spot and added violas and pansies.

An earthworm "escapee" (don't worry, I put him back in the dirt before he dried out!)


Some things are sprouting that my dad and the kids planted in the fall.

A few photos from the GS Ceremony on Friday night. My camera battery was almost dead so I didn't get many good shots. I'm hoping Delaney's leader will have some better ones. Here are the girls presenting the colors. (carrying the flag from the back to the front of the room)

Lighting candles - each candle represented a different part of the Girl Scout Law.

Delaney receiving her patch from Miss Kristi. The big girls are Cadets/Juniors and are part of our "sister" troop. They earn service hours by helping the Brownies each week.

Socks That Rock "Love". My Valentine's Day gift from Steven.

The latest knitting project. All of the white strings are "lifelines" made from dental floss. The lifelines protect me from having to start the project over if I make a mistake. I will move them along every few rows for insurance! This project will have quite a bit of cabling and is probably the most difficult project I've done to date.

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FrkSnupp said...

Lovely socks that rock-yarn! And lucky you who can put your fingers in the dirt already...we have ice and melting snow here....cold and hot in the same time. Meh. can´t wait for spring to come!