Monday, February 23, 2009

Screw Punxsutawney Phil!

The way you really know that spring is coming is by seeing a robin in your yard! I saw my first one a few days ago. This morning there were about 20 out front...all eating my grass seed!!! I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I didn't get any photos of the robins but they are most definitely here in our part of VA. I did get quite a few photos of the birds at our feeders yesterday...some especially nice ones of birds at the window feeder. It was a very rainy day and they fed in full force in between rain showers.

Had a nice time with my friend Tricia and her kids yesterday. They came over late in the afternoon and we had dinner together. Other than that, it was a quiet day. Today should be quiet too, despite it being my 39th. No major plans except to workout, run errands and then spend the afternoon with Ash, probably knitting!

At one point I counted at least 20 birds on this platform feeder!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Momma! Yes, I am coming over as soon as I get out of my dr's appt.