Thursday, February 19, 2009

No photos today

No photos for you today. I'm tired from this week already and it's only going to get worse...the Twinkies have been home with mild colds for the past two days. The only reason they didn't go to school yesterday was due to swimming lessons...I didn't want them to go swim and get cold, etc. so I kept them with me. Had to deliver some cookies and wanted to leave the house around 9. We got in the car but it wouldn't start. ARRGH!!!! Dead battery. There was just a little juice in it because I could hear it trying to turn over. I called Ashley, she was already on her way to her friend's house but she graciously offered to come to my house so I could jump my car. Nah. I called Steven at work because I thought he was coming home early and I wondered what time that was going to be (ha, yeah, WRONG. there's never EARLY in the Navy)...while I was on the phone with him, I tried starting it one more time and what do you know? It started, very roughly, but I gassed it and then it was OK. Phew! I just do not need car troubles right now!!!

We delivered those cookies (without turning off the car) and headed to Wal-Mart for a new battery and some groceries. Then back home and I realized I didn't have my apples and oranges. The rain was pouring down, the kids were tired and complaining. I didn't go back for them. Maybe today. Can I just say, I HATE the way Wal-Mart bags things with those circular bag holders!!! You never know if you've got it all until you get home.

So, last night was Brownies. Tonight we have piano lesson and Math & Science night at school. Friday night is a Brownie awards ceremony/troop re-dedication. Saturday is Brownie Cookie Booth and a birthday party. Sunday...I'm sure I'm going to want to collapse by then! I think my friend Tricia will come over in the late afternoon with her kids and we'll have dinner together...but maybe they kids will "sleep in" for me just a bit?! I can always hope.

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