Sunday, February 15, 2009

Surprise Visitors!

Hubs was away for a few days this past week...I was alone with the kids for Valentine's Day and that was ok. We'd had a busy week and needed some down time anyway. I've been busy with my latest BSJ in my spare time in the evenings. (5 more rows...hope to have it done tonight!) I planned on baking a special cake for the kids and covering it with icing and little heart-shaped sprinkles. Steve was scheduled to be home late Saturday afternoon. Imagine my surprise when there was a knock at our door at 8:15 Saturday morning and it was my dad and Kathy! They drove all the way from PA (leaving around 2:30 am) to take us out for a Valentine's breakfast! Awww, how sweet! After breakfast there were also a few Valentine's Day gifts for everyone and birthday gifts for me. Then they went home to PA at lunchtime and we were all alone again.

Steven ended up not getting home until after 10pm last night. He slept in a little today and then we ran out to Lowe's. I picked up some soil for the garden and some pansies...even though we are supposed to have snow tomorrow (no, I am NOT excited and I am NOT holding my breath for it) I think they will be just fine until I can get them in the ground on Tuesday or Wednesday. We also got a set of little solar lights to line our walkway and two new sconces for at the front door. A bit of sprucing up never hurts anyone. After lunch, the kids were told to clean their bedrooms. They did so and were rewarded with a swim at the YMCA before dinner. We had a lovely time, even saw one of their little friends from the summer pool we sometimes go to, so that was nice.

Tomorrow, every one is off work and school since it is President's Day. My friend Robyn, who I've known since high school, lives in the Norfolk area and we are getting together to reminisce and for the kids to play. We haven't seen each other in 20 years so it should be a nice time. I didnt' even know she lived down here until I caught up with her and her brother James (who I dated briefly!) on Facebook. I cannot say enough great things about that site!!! Tomorrow afternoon, our friends Bob & Bernice, who we used to pal around with when we lived in DC, will come by for a visit. They are in VA Beach this week-end to visit their daughter. We haven't seen them since 2004 when our twins were just 6 months old. Looking forward to that, as well. We always have a laugh when we are together!

Here are a few photos from the past couple of days...

I think I'll call this one "Too Much Technology". Playing Leapster AND computer at the same time!

Playing games with Grammy

More games with Grammy

This was my great thrift shop find of last week...Pimpernel Holly & Leaf coasters. Beautiful!

I finally found an affordable stand for my drinking horn. From White Hart Forge.

Birthday gift from hubs...the lovely wrapping under it. =)

Chocolates from The Candy Kitchen in my hometown, Waynesboro PA. Despina Leos is the name of the woman who started the company. She died last year. You can read about her here and here.

A bunch are gone already! These were from my dad and are a wonderful treat.


Anonymous said...

you can find the same chocolate at the amish market.

Shannon said...

Where is the Amish market?