Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I love my BFF!!!

Because she still lives in PA and spoils me rotten! Here's what came in the mail today...

A "Sixburgh" t-shirt, "43" magnet (because Troy P. is my favourite...I LOVE his hair and the way he jumps around!), AND a "German Pittsburgh Fan" coaster (already in use). Thanks, Sue! You are the best!!!

I spent all morning sorting our Girl Scout cookie order...it doesn't look like much in the photo but it was serious, time consuming business!

I finished knitting the latest BSJ two nights ago. It is cute. Still need to seam up the shoulders, wash/block, and add buttons.

This afternoon I washed Taz's scarf and now it's drying upstairs. Hopefully it will be dry by tomorrow night...at that point I'll add the fringe and the patches to it. The plan is to get it in the mail to him late this week. I'm sure it's still cold in Indy so I hope he likes it and will use it!

Tinna helped me wind new yarn into center-pull balls. These will be used for some very special socks for someone near and dear to me. Stay tuned because I cannot reveal the details until I ship them off at the end!

Lastly, Delaney had a project to do about Natural Resources over the past week. She wanted to make a recycling truck. Steven helped her make it out of some things we recycled and a few items from nature. That's Nick Jonas driving and Miley Cyrus assisting him. I guess they will drive recycling trucks when they are done being superstars!


sue said...

Wow! The snail mail was fast! I only mailed them on Saturday.

You are welcome.

Shannon said...

I wouldn't hold your breath that you receive your check that fast! Hahaha! Oh wait, that's probably because it won't have much to do with the snail mail! ;-)

Debbie B said...

I don't know...Delaney's project looks awful good..Almost as good a Katie's science fair project..I got a 100% on that one!!!!