Monday, February 23, 2009


That's what I am today.

I dropped the Twinkies off at school this morning, came home and took Henry for a nice walk (about 10 minutes, it is the most he can do these days). It was cold! Back inside, I rode my exercise bike for 30 minutes and planned the rest of my morning. I needed to make a trip to the Post Office and also decided to go to the Book Owl and treat myself. I took a bag full of books along with me. Perfect! When I got there, it turned out that I had a $5+ credit and combined with the books I took along, I was over $40 in credit. I promptly spent it on the stack in the photo below! Very fun! After the Book Owl, I made a quick dash into Food Lion for apples and bananas before picking up the twins at school. Ashley came over after lunch and we knitted and had a piece of her homemade chocolate cake (OMG sooo good!!!). Thanks so much Ashley for being a great friend, not just on my birthday, but every day!!!

Right now I'm sitting here waiting for Delaney to get home from school so I can hug her and kiss her and be thankful I'm her mom and that I've made it through another year. (Never fear, I've already hugged and kissed William and Tinna today...Delaney, too...but I still want more!)

My stack from the Book Owl.

Gift bag from Ash. In it: Perlier Lavender Moisturizing Body bath and cream, lavender diffuser oil, Fireside Chai tea, 2 plain Hershey's chocolate bars (don't spend money buying Godiva for me, I'm a Hershey's girl!), Harold & Kumar Go To white Castle: Extreme Unrated version - because I need to spend more time laughing!, Perfect Indian cookbook, AND yarn from Hawaii that has not arrived yet!

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Laura said...

I'm a few hours late ... happy happy birthday! That cake looks scrumptious!