Friday, January 09, 2009

Tales from Portsmouth, VA

Sunny day but cold and windy here. We decided to do a bit of geocaching while the kids were at school. We went to the Olde Towne area of the waterfront. We had a DNF (did not find) at the first park and then went down the street a bit further (south, I guess). Walking from the car to the 2nd cache, I had to pee (go figure) so we stopped by the information center...the lady working there was very nice and told us about a lot of different activities that we didn't know about. There's a cool ferry that runs over to Norfolk and we think they kids will enjoy riding that this summer...there are a number of small stages down there for performances and plenty of good food. After our 4th cache, I wanted to warm up so we went into The Deck to get some soup and a beer. Great decision. It was yummy and the views were beautiful...we will definitely be going back there again! EDITED: I forgot to say how nice the owners of The Deck are...they were supposed to open at 11 but it was only 10:35 when we walked up...they opened the doors just for us brought us the soup and hot bread in a very short time. Awwww, thanks!

Photos from this morning:
Squirrel visitor parking, obviously! (click to enlarge)

The Portsmouth Visitor Center - I love the mermaid

Am I in England or the USA? This was someone's "home" as it had a lot of clothes on the floor and in a bag. Thankfully the person was not there when I opened the door.

Steve at a cache site

The Elizabeth River Ferry

Navy ships on the water

The view of Norfolk

The walk-way to The Deck restaurant

A view from The Deck restaurant - I was sitting at my table when I took these next three or four

More view from The Deck restaurant

More view from The Deck restaurant - that white building is the Naval Hospital

She-crab soup...yummy!

Look how big the bowls are! That's my hand!!!

View of a large ship going up the river

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