Sunday, January 11, 2009


A quick little update for you...

Friday night was Girl Scout Cookie Rally night. Delaney is now officially selling Girl Scout cookies! If you want cookies, please email or call. Our goal is 125 boxes...of course if you don't want to order cookies but would like to give a Gift of Caring to the troop, you can do that as well. Thanks!!!

Before we left for the rally, Steven and William were goofing in the bathroom...and William hit his face on the corner of the cabinet. His eye was swollen and puffy, we put ice on it and looked at the actual eye to be sure there was no damage there. Saturday morning found it swollen worse than it was Friday night. I went to Yarn For Breakfast (a local knitting group which meets once a month at a coffee shop in Portsmouth) and Steven took the kids to Patient First so a doctor could look at Will's eye. No broken facial bones, just swollen blood vessels.

Here is what it looked like yesterday, the swelling is down a little but it is starting to turn blue.

After my YFB meeting, we drove out to VA Beach to a Hampton Roads Geocaching Meet & Greet. That was fun...we were able to put faces to names we had seen around, get some "discoveries", and add 1 find to our total. We also picked up a few travel bugs to place...the kids were excited about that. Lunch was chili (3 different kinds!) and lots of desserts...the kids liked that, too! We decided last night that we will be
going to "GeoWoodstock" over Memorial Day Week-end...a perfect opportunity to use our new travel trailer and see a different part of the country we've never visited before...Bell Buckle, Tennessee. Waa-hoo! Our reservations are already made. "On the road again"...

While we were in VA Beach, we also made a stop by Joann Fabrics so I could pick up buttons to...

Finish my BSJ! I also completed the matching hat last night. All that's left is to wash gently, block, wrap, and mail! I sure hope my friend and her baby like it!!!

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