Monday, January 05, 2009

Semi-kidless Cachin'

Two posts in two days. Don't hold your breath for many more days like this! Today just happened to contain some blog fodder so here ya go!

Dropped Twinkies off at pre-school at 9 this morning. We had already planned out our geocaching route last night. We had our first find about 5 minutes after we left the school. The next 3 or 4 were very quick as well. Who knew Western Branch/Churchland would have so many micros?! Headed out to Bennett's Creek Park in Suffolk, the same park where we discovered our first cache accidentally...there were three out there we hadn't found yet. Some very fine containers and definitely creative minds that made them! We found 10 caches before we had to pick the twins up at noon.

Picked them up, came back home for a quick lunch, and back out again by 1. We did a few more micros, again in some interesting places. One location held a larger cache with items to trade but we had to bushwack quite a bit to get in to it. Twins didn't like that one because there were some briars around. Luckily I had convinced Tinna to wear pants today! (the clue actually said bushwacking was necessary so I was forewarned)

At our last cache, the rain started. Count for the day was 15. That's our best yet! On the way home, we decided to stop by the new doctor's office to complete insurance/new patient paperwork only to discover they were closed until 3pm. We had to be back by then to get Delaney off the bus so that didn't work out. Everyone seems a bit quiet and tired from the first day back at school but it's nice to be in our normal routines again. Tomorrow the weatherman is calling for more rain so we are planning on going grocery shopping and working up in the attic after that. Steven wants to put a second light in the small attic area and then we are going to try to get all of my sewing stuff together and empty some boxes that haven't been touch since we moved in!

Can you see the cache container here? (yes, that's Henry out enjoying the day with us)

We walked past this at least 30 times and dismissed it until Steven picked it up to look under it and it made an odd sound.

Bark covered container.

Can you see the cache here?

The same owners of this cache hot glued bark around a plastic holder and then glued the tube to the tree. The cache container itself had a piece of fishing line tied to the top to assist with retrieval.

This is the innards of the cache tube.

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