Sunday, January 04, 2009

An odd holiday season

Well, it has been an odd holiday season here. We have had company non-stop since December 23. We were also visited by the stomach flu and colds. Lucky for me, I only ended up with the stomach flu! Even though it is not pleasant, I almost prefer that method of illness as it is usually over within 12 - 24 hours, whereas colds can sometimes linger on and on for weeks at a time.

The last of our company left on Saturday around 11. I had canceled my friend Sue's visit...she was supposed to come see us for New Year's Eve and the (shitty) Rose Bowl game, (in which Penn State didn't even bother to show up to play, so what a waste that was. But I'm proud of the team for the good season they had.) Phew, what tangent there...Sue didn't come because we were all so we made plans to meet up in Richmond on Saturday afternoon. She joined us at Dutch Gap Conservation Area (part of Henricus Historical Park) for some geocaching and then we had decent Mexican food at a nearby restaurant. Lucky for her we had some pretty interesting can see in the photos below. It was a rather warm day, about 50F with wonderful sun. We had a really fun time always!

There has been virtually no knitting or spinning, what with company and illness here. I am completely ready for the kids to be in school and for us to have our routines again. Steve is home with us this week and then he will be slammed at work again next week. We (me and Steve) are taking some time tomorrow to geocache while the kids are at school. It is quite enjoyable when there are not little children dragging behind and whining "I'm too tired to go any further!"...they do walk far for being so young...they have been over 3 miles...but they whine an awful lot about it sometimes!

So, here are a few new pictures for you.

Sue, Steve & kids finding the first cache of the day...hidden in the guard rail!

The view of Dutch Gap Canal

Kids on a curvy tree...

Yes, that IS the cache container you see in the photo! Would you want to reach in and grab it? It was a bit freaky!

Steven holding the foot container

Me, holding an alien cache container

A traditional cache container - an ammunition box

A Saint Patrick's Day geo-coin that was in the ammo box

A cache we found last week near the mall. The box is magnetic. Cool, huh?!


Darrin said...

Geo-caching! Sounds so fun! Although the foot would've had me running the other way! LOL!!

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, that foot box is creepy! And I don't even see the cache in the final pic!

Anonymous said...

I remember someone else who used to whine a lot when I would hike on the Appalachian Trail. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Dad

Shannon said...

Yeah...but you never found cool boxes filled with toys along your trail! And who in their right mind would take a 6 year old out and expect her to walk ALL DAY AND NIGHT, without food and water, and uphill BOTH ways? Sheesh!