Monday, January 12, 2009


One step forward - William's eye is looking much less puffy and there are many beautiful colours in it now! (photos below)

One step back - Tinna has had a fever since Saturday evening. She got up this morning feeling cool but her nose was still didn't take too long for her temperature to go back up, unfortunately. She's been in my bed watching tv for most of the afternoon.

True progress - I finished the laundry today...well, one more load to dry, fold and all of it to put away! And I SWEAR I will not procrastinate. I WILL put it away before the kids go to bed tonight! Thankfully the sun was out and I felt like I had bit more energy than recent days...even despite another night of Tinna waking me at 2:30 for a snack because her tummy was hurting!

Photos of William:

What a tough guy!

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Anonymous said...

Old one eye sure is a sweetheart. Hope Tinna feels better soon. Pappy