Wednesday, January 14, 2009


With only two projects left to finish up (Sue's Christmas gift and good ole Pel, which might actually get washed and blocked TODAY! *gasp*...Mary, are you reading this???), I decided to make a start on a pair of fingerless gloves for myself. The yarn is Knit Picks "Imagination" in the colourway "Gingerbread House". It's part merino, part alpaca, and part nylon. (I think - I'm writing this by memory and am too lazy to go look it up) The ribbing is oh-so-squishy and I'm tickled pink about these already. I'm using size 2 circs, Magic-Loop method, and right now working a 1x1 feels like it's taking forerver...I sure hope the straight knit goes faster!

Tinna had a visit to Patient First yesterday since our new doctor's office could not get her in...apparently they only make so many new patient appointments each day, cannot have them back-to-back, and had already filled the ones they had available. I think this is probably a good doctor but I'm frustrated already. Today I will have to call Tricare to have the referral approved...and I'm just not looking forward to dealing with it at all.

It is cold...the bird baths are frozen over but no chance of snow. It's bright and sunny. I'm hoping this will inspire me to do some actual work. I didn't do much at all yesterday with the kids being sick (William is sick now, too) and I was exhausted by three nights of broken sleep. I was in bed before 10pm last night! I have high hopes for today but with the twinkies being home, we'll see what gets done...

The gloves:

Here's a bonus photo: while I was sitting here proofing this post, I heard "tap tap tap" on my dad put up a window feeder when he was here and it seems the birds are finally discovering it! In this photo (look beyond the chair and the mess) sits a purple finch. To date we've had nuthaches and purple finches at it! Sooo cool!

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Those gloves are going to be so pretty!