Monday, January 26, 2009

More reasons why I love PA...

We went to PA for the week-end. Our goal was to find snow, go tubing at Ski Liberty, or go geocaching. We found snow in our neighbor's yard so the kids were able to go sledding on Saturday morning. As soon as they went out the door, snow started falling from the sky and they were able to play in it. While we were sledding an hour later, the sun came out. Best of both worlds. After sledding, Kathy and I went down to Wal-Mart so I could pick up some PSU fabric, PSU fleece, AND some Steeler's fleece (the fleeces will be made into blankets for in the trailer) When we got done it was lunchtime so we hit Sanders Market in Cascade for REAL hoagies!!! Sooo yummy!!! I love being home.

We went to Ski Liberty around 2pm and had to take a shuttle bus from the far parking lot up to the tubing area (because it was super crowded with the DC crowd). As we sat at the lodge stop waiting for folks to get on the bus, the driver told us they were already selling tickets for 5pm and we wouldn't be able to tube until that time...another lady told us there was a 20-30 minute wait for each turn to, back to the car we went. We stopped by the liquor store for some beer, went home to relax for a while and then we took the kids bowling at Sunshine Lanes in Rouzerville and Pappy and Grammy went along. Dinner was at Mountain Gate (my favourite). Sunday morning's temperatures were around 15 - 18F so we passed on trying again at Ski Liberty...we called my friend Patrick who was supposed to go geocaching with us and between us decided it was just too cold and we will now wait for warmer weather. The kids and Steven went back over to the neighbor's property for another hour of sledding before we started our drive back to VA.

Lunch was sandwiches from Sheetz in Thurmont, MD (turkey on pretzel bread - another of my yummy faves) then we stopped by the mall at Tyson's Corner (McLean, VA - DC Metro area) to go to LUSH. I'm not the only one addicted to LUSH in this house...this stop was actually so my husband could pick up some Tramp. Hahaha, I love how that sounds! Tramp is a patchouli-scented shower gel that we both love...but he uses way more than I do! I got some brown henna for my hair and Angels on Bare Skin scrub...the kids each picked out a bath bomb. We stopped into LL Bean and looked around a bit then got coffee and hit the road again.

Photos from the week-end...

Playing in the left-over snow.

Pretty girl.

Walking over to our neighbor's property.




The sled run. Quite a bit of grass but there was enough snow to pick up a little speed!

Steven & William on the sled together.

Finally a HOAGIE and not a sub!!!

Tinna and Pappy.




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