Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's the small things...

that thrill me.

Watching the birds at my feeders...

Finally the cardinals have discovered my platform feeder! It has only been up for a year!!! Two days in a row I have spotted the male and missed my opportunity to take his photo. I did catch the female and here's the proof. This is probably my biggest thrill of all!


Living together in peace and harmony...a goldfinch, a purple finch, and a squirrel on the fence.

Three finches fighting for spots at the window feeder.

Discovering a milk jug that matches my tea set! (this one wasn't cheap...the plan is to slowly add to the collection)

Seeing art that Delaney makes in school. It says "My faverit part is wene humpty dumpty falls off the wall." Indeed, the child does like to push her brother and sister so this does not surprise me in the least!

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