Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy holidays!

There have been a few complaints flying around about me not updating my blog often enough. In my defense, I have been just a *wee* bit busy with holiday preparations and doing things for kids and getting ready for company, etc etc. AND, I will admit to a Facebook if you really want to know what's going on with me, you will have to friend me over's just wayyy more fun than this blog!

For now, here is a brief update: Chanukkah started last Sunday night. We are an interfaith family...I am Jewish, my husband is Catholic. Delaney lit the chanukkah candles for the first time this year and she did it so well that I have allowed the twins to do it also (with my supervision, of course!) The kids enjoy playing dreidel for M&Ms and we also fried some latkes (potato pancakes) on Sunday evening. Those were really yummy. Delaney had school Monday and Tuesday. She lost her 4th tooth during lunch on Tuesday, which was a good day to loose it because now we can harass her about wanting her two front teeth for Christmas..just like the song says! Tuesday was also a fun day because her daddy went to school to make gingerbread houses with her class. (See hers below, complete with slide)

Grammy and Pappy arrived here Monday evening and it is nice to have them around to do things with the kids. Today Grammy cooked and baked all day so there are lots of goodies to make us fat! The kids got to decorate cookies with her and Pappy and I think everyone had fun.

I'm putting a few photos below and will have more late tomorrow (Christmas Day) or the day after...

Oh, ps...I have a knitting/spinning friend who is looking for blog followers so she can win a little contest. If you have any interest in reading her blog, I'm sure she'd appreciate it. Thanks so much!!!

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