Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Taking time out...

To bring you some photos of the kids and Steven decorating this year's tree! It is MUCH larger than last year's. It is beautiful and smells sooo good in the house!

I am far behind this year with all of my holiday projects. I just got the rest of the cards in the mail today. I went to the store for the items I need to make the White Chocolate Trail Mix (Thank you, Annette, for that recipe! I make it every year and give as gifts!). This is part of the teacher's gifts...and there are a total of 12 teachers if you include Piano and Girl Scouts. Phew! I found out yesterday that the twins' last day of school is tomorrow (Weds) and I was expecting them to go until Friday. Ack! So, today I am going to be running around like crazy trying to get these gifts all made and ready to go. No knitting or sitting for me!

Oh! And Mama Mia! came out on DVD today and I was right there to pick up my copy. I will be playing it this afternoon while I make the goodies. So happy the family room and kitchen are one big room!

Here are some photos for you to enjoy.

Our house with all of the lights my husband has put on it this year.

My "Kallt" from IKEA. It looks much prettier in person and I love it!

Everyone was very excited to decorate the tree.

Decorating the tree

Tinna was the only one who would even go near Santa at Outdoor World on Sunday!

JoePa stopped by to see my Penn State tree...what a great guy! I still have not found the blue and white tree skirt or the PSU Barbie for on the top.

Unfinished "Baby Surprise Jacket" otherwise known as "BSJ"...this still needs the shoulders seamed up and buttons added to the front. The yarn is Bernat Baby Softee and it is extremely soft. I will make a small hat to go with it.

Of course I have to add a photo of what I am spinning these days. Still working on the Border Leicester from Serendipity Farm in Suffolk.


Laura said...

I love the JoePa display!

FrkSnupp said...

Lovely chandelier/lamp, and I adore the white tree as well =) looks like you´re well prepared!