Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday: The good and bad of it...

The day started out well. We got going a little after 10, drove out to Suffolk to a hobby shop where Steven needed to get some rc (remote control) airplane items for himself and my dad. On the way there we saw people barbecuing beside the road and I made a joke about the sign "Smoked Pork Butt". It smelled so good as drove through the smoke that Steven decided to turn around and see what it was all about. We ended up buying a ticket for 8 lbs of "butt"...but couldn't pick it up until after 12 so we headed on down to the hobby shop. Steven got what he needed and said we were going to head up to the flying field because there was a Fly-In today and he wanted to see what was going on. So we drove there.

It was very muddy due to all of the rain we've been having. The guys were selling raffle tickets when we got there and Steven bought some of those. Since it was extremely windy, they closed the field to airplanes shortly after we arrived. We got to see one plane fly and it was loaded with 4 pounds of Tootsie Rolls. Those were then dropped out on the field and after the plane landed, all of the kids were told to go retrieve the candy! How fun was that?! With the field being closed, there wasn't much else to stick around for and we didn't win any items at the raffle, so we drove up to pick up our "butt" and headed out to Great Bridge where we were going to look at campers at an RV dealership.

We looked at two campers that we thought would fit the towing capacity of our van. One was used, one was new. It turned out that the used camper was too heavy. The new one (a TrailManor) is perfect and we are seriously considering it. It is also the end of the 2008 season and the dealer needs to make room on his lot for new 2009 models so the price is *very* significantly discounted so now is the perfect time to buy. There are quite a few factors to consider so I will keep you posted on our decision.

It was getting quite late in the day when we left the RV place so we stopped at Subway (per Delaney's request) for a late lunch. After Subway, we continued on, homeward bound until I realized we would pass Ollie's and I wanted to get a few Christmas gifts for my friend Michelle's girls. That done, we were DEFINITELY on our way home.

Got in the door, we unloaded our packages, I walked the dog. Kids were starting to settle in and I put on the TV. The satellite wouldn't come on, it kept searching for a transmitter (or whatever it is called) but couldn't seem to connect. We disconnected it from the wall because sometimes that fixes any glitches that occur. I knew it had stormed while we were away and that sometimes causes things like this to happen. Steven called DISH network. They asked him to go look at the satellite. He said "Ok, but you'll have to hold on a few minutes because it is down the block and on a pole at my neighbor's house." He wasn't gone too long and he was pissed when he walked in the door. I heard him say "You aren't going to believe this but someone stole our satellite dish!" He said there was nothing left on the pole but cut wires. So, DISH is going to make us pay for it (about $300) and we cannot even order a new dish or schedule installation until a police report has been filed! We called the police, the person on the other end took Steven's name and number and said someone will call to take the report...that was 2 hours ago and no one has called back yet. I just feel like screaming "YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME, YOU ASSHOLES!!!" So that was how our day ended up. I'm just sitting here in disbelief that someone would even do that in broad daylight. What is more amazing is that they only took OUR dish and our neighbor's is still attached to the pole. Assholes. new Doctor Who this week, no EastEnders, no Surviror, no Unit, no ER. I know we'll survive and that's not the point. I spent the rest of the evening playing Uno with the kids, but it just gets to me that people can be this shitty to other people. I wish we lived in a country where you could get your hands chopped off if you are caught stealing. It's only fitting.


Gas prices are under $2.00/gallon again

Smokers all lined up...I believe there were 10 of them at this place

Not only is it "Pork Butt" but the area is called "Possum Hollow". This is out in the boonies, folks!

Collecting candy

Collecting candy

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