Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Busy week

It's been a busy few days. Sunday, I went with Ashley to the yarn store. Sunday night I finished up my Truly Tasha Shawl and worked a bit on teacher gifts. Yesterday, the twins had school but Delaney did not. Ashley and her kids came over after lunch and my friend Trish and her 3 kids came over after lunch. We had 9 kids in the house but they all did pretty well. No major fights and no real crying, except for Zach and Will running into each other and getting bruised cheeks. We did need to pull out Boo-boo Caiou for that, but everyone was fine five minutes later. We had cupcakes in honour of Evan's 7th birthday, which was over a week ago and it was really nice that there were so many children here to sing to him!

Yesterday, I started on a lace "thing" to be given to a friend for Christmas. All I can say is that I had to FROG it twice and was going to give it up last night. My third attempt after the kids went to bed seemed to be the key and all is proceeding smoothly now. I totally "get" the pattern and I'm moving along nicely.

Today, I'm catching up on my mountains of laundry and taking back control of my bedroom again. Steven is supposed to be coming home early so I can go vote this afternoon. It's rainy and dreary but lucky for me, I received a package from my friend Pia yesterday. It contained some of the most delicious chocolate coffee...so I will be making a small pot of that to chase away the gray later. Pia also included some beautiful postcards of her hometown of Kristiansand, Norway. It would be so very nice if I could go to Norway to visit! What a gorgeous country and I have met three wonderful people from there! (Hi Anne Lise & Gunn Kristin, too!!!)

Here are a few photos for you...

Finished Truly Tasha! It only took 7 months!

Ashley, Sarah, Akemi

The bigger kids enjoying their cupcakes.

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