Sunday, November 02, 2008

Trekking 100!

I was on Facebook earlier this morning and Ashley sent me a message asking if I wanted to go out to a "Trunk Show" at Knit Wits in VA Beach. Since we didn't have anything planned and I really didn't want to clean house, I decided to go along. No kids! Woo-hoo!

We got out there, looked around at the yarns by Farmhouse Yarns, which were very pretty but a little expensive at $22/skein. We picked up the 1 skein of Cascade 220 that we both needed and looked a little at lace-weight yarns. I got 1 skein of 1300+ yards for a very good price and then started looking at sock yarns. Oh my gosh. So many beautiful yarns, so little time left in life for knitting socks!!! Why didn't I learn how to make socks 20 years ago? I saw a beautiful yarn on the Sock Lady Spins a few weeks ago...she called it Trekking 100. I started searching for it online and found one place in York, PA that supposedly still had it but when I emailed the owner to be sure, she wrote back to tell me they were sold out. Bah! Well. Guess what Ashley found for me today at Knit Wits...TREKKING 100!!! I grabbed up both skeins that were left and also one of Trekking 104. Love it! Now I want to rush right through all of these planned holiday gifts so I can start making more socks!

Kids were treated to Chuck E Cheese for lunch by their dad, who is much happier to go there than me. I hate that place.

Trekking 100

Trekking 104

Merino Lace


Anonymous said...

I really like that Trekking 100. The way the yarn is plied is so pretty!

Laura said...

I coveted Trekking 100 soooo long before I found it at a yarn store in PA! (Not the one in York you tried though!)

Shannon said...

Laura: have you knit yours up yet? I would like to see the photos if you have and if they are on Flickr!