Sunday, October 12, 2008

Childhood treasures

It's been a busy week-end here. Steven was off early on Friday and we started cleaning up the front room where the piano is going to live. After Delaney got home from school, I gave the kids snacks and then took her with me to the library since I had another Twin Peaks DVD on hold and I had to pick it up before 5pm. As we drove there, we saw a few parade floats headed towards the schools. It was at that point that I realized Friday night was Homecoming and there was supposed to be a parade in the early evening. Sooo...we picked up my library items, headed back home as quickly as possible to notify Steven that we wanted to go to the parade! We made it over with plenty of time and even met up with Ashley, Patrick and their kids. Everyone had a fun time.

Yesterday morning was spent watching my kids and Ash's kids while the guys went to get the piano. The kids were pretty well behaved. They played outside for most of the time and I sat out with them and got some knitting done. There wasn't much fighting so it was pretty easy! Lucky Ashley got to go to "Yarn For Breakfast", which is a group of knitters who meet-up one Saturday morning each month at a local coffee shop. Maybe I'll make it next time! In the afternoon we went for a little hike through the woods and ended up swinging on some swings that are back off the Rails to Trails trail that is across the street. These swings are precariously placed and swing right over a HUGE run-off drain. If you are brave enough, I suppose you could swing and drop into the water but I wouldn't recommend smells gross and looks bad, too. Still, we all had fun swinging. I came home ahead of everyone else as Henry was with us and he was wiped out from the long walk and he just couldn't find a spot to get comfortable. I've really noticed how much he's aged this past year. It makes me so sad to think he doesn't have much time left with us.

Today? Who knows. Kids are watching tv, Steven's still sleeping. I want to work upstairs in the FROG and try to get it organized again. Steven will probably want to pressure wash the house. He borrowed a washer from one of the guys yesterday and did half of our roof before he ran out of gas. I know the kids were told they aren't going to have any fun until the playroom gets cleaned up. If they get that done, I'd like to take them to swim at the's been quite a few weeks since we were there to swim.

Here are a few photos from the week-end so far...

Below are photos of my childhood treasures. See if there any you recognize from your childhood!

My "All New Mickey Mouse Club" ears, circa 1977. Man, did I ever LOVE this show! Must admit, I still have the LP also. These were smashed flat when I found them in a box at my dad's house. I sprayed them with some water and remolded them on this styrofoam head. Perfect!

"Save the aligator, eat a preppie"

Dressy Bessy, a teaching tool to help children learn how to tie, zipper, button, etc. I remember the day my dad bought mine. She came from a store in Gettysburg, PA. How insane is it that I remember these things but not something from yesterday?

Holly Hobbie pillow...this was homemade but I loved Holly Hobbie, nonetheless!

A box full of little treasures. I remember the Smurf figurines costing me my entire allowance (which was about $2.50 at the time) and I loved them dearly. The little cat with the fan is a bottle of Avon perfume. I couldn't quite get her white again...maybe some bleach would help...but these are all the little treasures I loved dearly.


Yarn Tails said...

I remember that my room when I was in 3rd and 4th grade was done up in Holly Hobby. And how I miss the Smurfs. I use to love to watch that cartoon. And the dressy bessie. I had one of those!

This was homecoming weekend for us too.

sue said...

I remember having a Smurf figurine and one of those plastic Oreo cookies for on a necklace. I never had a big Holly Hobby doll, but I did have a Christmas tree ornament. My parents still have it and still hang it on their tree every year.

Jill said...

I have the same Dressy Bessie (still have it and looks just like yours)... they actually still exist and when Shoshi was a baby I bought her a new one. Your childhood treasures are very similar to mine : ).