Friday, October 10, 2008

Brief update

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. I was busy yesterday. Ashley and Akemi came over around 10 and so did Delaney's bus driver and her sister. They both want to learn how to knit so Ash and I are teaching them a bit. They are so nice and funny, too. We all laugh the whole time we are together. We have ideas to perhaps open an Etsy shop. One of the women sews and has a serger, I spin, Ash knits...together we might be able to make a little extra money on the side. Who knows. It's still in the early planning stages and if anything comes of it, I'll make a post here and include a link to our shop.

Today is going to be wicked crazy. Groceries (I have procrastinated all week because I have quite a bit of food stored up so I really need just a few things), a trip to the Book Owl, a trip to the library, clean up the front room and get it ready for the piano, stop by the ATM for money to pay for the piano...arrgh! So much to do, I hope I remember it all! After we get the piano situated, the remainder of the week-end will most likely be spent doing work around the house. I've promised the kids a few hours of swimming at the YMCA but that's about it on fun for them. We need a week-end at home to get things done.

Dinner last night was Barley & Potato Soup and fresh bread from Kroger. You can search my blog for it if you want the soup's in the archives somewhere. I added a twist to it this time, a bit of kale and some Little Smokie sausages cut into bite sized pieces. Steven added Texas Pete (that's a hot pepper sauce for those of you living abroad), so I guess it wasn't quite spicy enough for him. It had a GREAT flavour, though, and I think I'll continue to add the kale each time I make it. I was going for a "Zuppa Toscana" kind of flavour...if you've ever had that at the Olive Garden, you'll know what I mean. It's my favourite soup on the menu. I think I even have a copy cat version of their recipe here somewhere but I've never made it. (Note to self, find copy cat Zuppa Toscana and make it)

It was close to 80F yesterday and very humid. Yuck. The mosquitoes are back again. Will fall ever arrive?!?!

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FrkSnupp said...

Thanks again, thee adorable =P I have now opened and consumed the lovely chocolates from the pumpkin...not all of them-yet- they were heavenly! I´m going to make a cup of that tea now, I never use sugar in my tea anyways. Good luck on your piano purchase; do you play? I did for many years, and my Dad gave me a piano that´s sitting in my brother´s apartment, we don´t have room for it. Oh well. We will some day. Off to tea and knitting! And I´m waiting for a new spindle, when it gets here I´ll try the fibers, they look-and smell-really nice.