Sunday, September 07, 2008


No pictures for you tonight. Hanna has come and problems for us. We spent a good portion of the day bike riding in the neighborhood. We also joined the Y.M.C.A. and went swimming for an hour this afternoon. Our "Y", just opened a new "therapy" pool. 86 degrees Farenheit, 4'6" at deepest end, AND includes a small splash zone for the kiddies. Very nice! They have 5 late-afternoon/evening family swim times each week...all will work very well with our schedule, but I will honestly admit we won't be going 5 times each week. That's an awful lot of swimming! I think once or twice each week will be great. My legs are tired tonight after all of the biking and swimming...and I don't think I will have any troubles sleeping!

Steven has one of his new Halloween ghosts just about finished. It is motorized to go up and down and move it's arms. It has red LCD eyes. It will look quite good (and spooky) hanging in one of the front windows.

Tomorrow will be my first real kid-free day (3 hours!). I'm thinking to clean the hallway bathroom and go through the closet in there. I know it contains a ton of junk that can be pitched or given away. That will probablly take about 1 hour. What to do with the next 2? Hmmm. Decisions, decisions!

That's all from here. EastEnders tonight and more knitting on Truly Tasha. Maybe I'll be done in another week???

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