Monday, September 22, 2008

Week-end review

Where to start? It's been quite a few days since I've updated this blog. Friday, Steve was off work...we were supposed to organize the attic but the temperatures were so cool that he went outside and started trimming the hedges along the road. I worked in the attic for a little while...mainly removing empty cardboard boxes from Christmas gifts that were mailed to us last year. (Yeah, it's really out of control when things sit for this long) Pitiful. So, that was done but I couldn't really shift the full boxes around. My goal is to create zones in the attic. A Christmas zone, Easter, Halloween, etc. I'd like to free up the small side attic that comes off the FROG and put only fabric and quilting supplies in it. I'd like to start quilting again and finish up some of those projects that I started in FL when the twins still took naps. (Remember those days?!) I also have a BIG box of baby clothes that I'd like to put into smaller throw-size quilts for the kids. SO, you can see, I need to be able to access my stuff...and I cannot do that at this point in time.

Friday, we also ran some errands and I picked up 12x12 and 8x8 scrapbook albums at Michael's. The plan is for these to hold all of our 5x7s and 8x10s of the kids that we've had taken through the years. In our house in FL, we had a HUGE wall of kid photos. wall. And I'm not convinced I want a wall full of frames any longer. Simplify is my mantra. (I try to tell myself this at any rate) So I'm trying to get the photos out of the hot/cold attic and into a more stable environment. I also picked up a plain old scrapbook for newspaper clippings I've kept (and even some my grandmother kept when I was growing up) through the years. I'm really tired of being unorganized.

Saturday was the Autumn Moon Festival at Bayville Farms Park in Virginia Beach. Very fun. The kids painted pumpkins, coloured Halloween mugs, participated in a coin hunt...the coins were turned in for prizes...they danced to music, played in the park. We saw some of our friends there. It was a great day for them. They got air-brushed tattoos that are supposed to last 7-10 days. I had a henna tattoo done on my hand. It's not the most intricate in detail but it was fun to have it done.

Yesterday (Sunday), was Chesapeake Heritage Arts Festival. Another good day for the kids...hay bale maze, sandbox play, corn dollie craft...there was a Civil War Re-enactment at the park as well so they were excited to see the people dressed in period costume and see inside the tents, etc. I was intrigued to talk to one of the men about literacy during that time period and I learned quite a few things I didn't know prior to our conversation.

I have lots of photos uploaded on Flickr so you can see our adventures there. For now, I've got some work to do here at the house so that's about all for this post!

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Laura said...

Oh man, I missed the festival this year! Last year it was in November so I just assumed it wasn't here yet. Oh well.