Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Brownies, FINALLY!!!

I just received a phone call from a local Brownie troop leader. Delaney FINALLY has a spot! Yay!!! So now we have Kindermusik for the twinkies on Tuesday nights, Brownies on Wednesday nights, Piano lessons for Delaney on Thursday nights and spinning classes for me on Thursday nights. (Don't ask, it works so far) The crockpot is seriously going to be my best friend until the kids are grown. But I'm very happy that after a year and 2 months we have a spot in Brownies. Perhaps I should start working on Tinna's spot in Daisy Scouts now?

It has been very windy today. Apparently we're in for a nor'easter over the next few days. Steven spent most of last night taking Halloween stuff out into the yard and now I think we should bring it back in! C'est la vie!

That's the update from here. Not much else going on except me procrastinating on cleaning. =)

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