Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knitting, knitting, knitting...wait! Here's something else. Oops. Nope. More knitting.

For those of you (ie, Melvin) who are waiting for more exciting fodder than knitting...well...I've got this for you. Pffft! =P

The first panel of my Sean Sheep tea cosy. I finished it today. This was taken about 4 rows before completion in the morning sunlight. I was busy this morning working around the house and checking in on my neighbor's house, watering plants, taking in mail, etc. so I worked on this in the car while waiting to pick up the twinkies at school but I didn't finish binding off the last 5 stitches until I got home. The next photo I post will be of the completed cosy. I just love these colours. Mary couldn't have picked anything better for me!

Tonight: an open house with Delaney's teacher. She's been having difficulties with another girl at school so it will be interesting to see if this child's parents are there. Obviously, my child is not innocent and I do not pretend that she is, but I think the teacher needs to take some steps to separate the two of them before someone goes to the office to meet the "electric paddle". (Yes, I really tell my children that their principal has one of these. It was MY worst fear as a child, too...and I usually behaved myself in school.)

More tomorrow...

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