Friday, September 05, 2008

Small update

I guess I should make a little update while I can. I've been busy doing laundry and such here. (oh, yeah, and I think the source of my hives is perhaps my laundry detergent...I need to test this theory next week but I would not be surprised if this turns out to be the case. I haven't switched brands but I now remember opening this new box last week before the hives began. On the front it says something like "More Cleaning Power Same 37 Loads" I think that's why I'm still so itchy. Of course the old box is long gone so I cannot compare ingredients.) I found a box of old t-shirts from high school and college so I washed them up yesterday and they will eventually find their way into the t-shirt quilt that I started in 2006 before we moved to San Diego. I also found my East Junior High fleece-lined coat and washed it up. Guess fits! The elastic in the wrists needs to be replaced and I just might have it done...the seamstress can shorten the sleeves at that time as well since I think I'm done growing now. Amazing.

I spent a lot of the day yesterday sorting things I brought back to VA from my dad's house in PA. I did a lot of cleaning of the stuff (things that had belonged to my grandmother's and were kind of dusty) and also a bit of pitching. I have an entire box of Martha Stewart Living and Victoria magazines that I'm giving away on Craigslist. I even sorted through my current collection and weeded about half of it out as well. Yippee!!! Free space on the magazine shelf. I'll be listing my old Renaissance magazines on eBay. Some of those issues go for over $9. Would be nice to have a bit of extra dosh right now. I'm trying to save a bit for a drum carder for my raw fleece. I am also going through my books and have about half of a paper box full and ready to take to the used bookstore. That will be good as I can trade them in for some others I'd like to read!

Today: twinkies have their orientation at school. I have stops to make at both local libraries and I also have to run to the store for powdered milk and bread. After lunch we are taking the car over to be serviced. The Idiot Light came on during our drive to PA last week-end so I guess it's time. *sigh* Boring snoring. I'll take my knitting and hopefully the twins will be happy sitting with their Leapsters and colouring books.

I probably won't make another post until after Hurricane Hanna passes us...hopefully you'll hear from me on Sunday if all goes well for us.

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